No other time in Liberian history can be compared to now. It is historically proven that Liberia is a democratic state and has been for two electoral cycles after the civil war. Liberians have shown to the international Community that the country is progressing by peacefully transitioning from one elected government to another.

This will initiate the democratic consolidation process. Some might want to equate this juncture to the 1985 elections. An opportunity arose to set the country on a path towards democracy. It was squandered so wretchedly when the Presidential election was rigged.

Coups and counter coups and ultimately a protracted civil war followed. Since then, Liberia has failed to prove how worthy it is for such a unique accolade. In 2005, the damaged and disfigured shell of the nation after war started recovery.

Brain drain of unprecedented proportions resulted. Many Liberians today exhibit consequences of the devastating conflict. Countless are functionally illiterate, pretending to be educated. Left unattended, are the psycho-social effects of the conflict on intrapersonal relations.

Additionally, infrastructural recovery continues gingerly. Schools, hospitals, roads and other things that constitute the fabric of our society are still rudimentary. Law and order remain basic while some offenders are still deluded that they can beat the system even when they commit the most egregious crimes against the state.

As we move toward making Liberia a better home for all, reconciliation and government of inclusion must be one of the important pillars of the pro-poor agenda. It frightens me when our leaders, past and present entrench the theory of marginalization. This regime needs not to pay death ears to the numerous calls from the ordinary Liberia because ‘town trap is not for goats alone’.

We can embellish our respective or collective professions and achievements aimed as building a modern country. But the fact remains that, the President is interested in listening to Madam Sirleaf’s recommendation in appointing most of the “fly-by-night politicians’ who are yet to be audited.

If Weah puts self-interest above national interest, the next generation or administration will judge his competence of controlling an independent nation without creating an enbling political environment. Therefore, it is important that President Weah include opposition parties in the governance process to bring all hands on deck for genuine reconciliation and sustainable national development.


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