SEGAL Honored by the Progressive Students Alliance of Liberia

A Laconic Statement marking the Award Ceremony of the Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) by the Progressive Students Alliance of Liberia (PROSAL)

   February 21, 2018

  •  Executives and Members of the Progressive Students Alliance of Liberia
  • Distinguished Staff of SEGAL
  • Media practitioners here present
  • Ladies & Gentlemen

 It is an honor most respectfully to receive this important award from the Progressive Students Alliance of Liberia (PROSAL) for short. Apparently, we are fully aware that there has been many research done to ensure that this award is wholeheartedly presented to the right entrepreneur in this sector. First and foremost, SEGAL is Liberia’s leading private security company which has positively impacted the lives of many Liberians through the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) introduced by the former president, H.E. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Notwithstanding, SEGAL is continuously supporting all agenda introduced by the Executive Branch of government in view of improving the lives of the ordinary Liberians. Further, SEGAL remains tremendously committed in working with President George Manneh Weah Pro-poor agenda which is intended to vigorously improve the lives of the ordinary struggling masses.

In furtherance, we would like to remind national stake actors and/or security gurus that the private security industry plays a major role in the intervention and maintenance of peace and security in our dear country. Thereby, the continuous collaboration and stewardship is necessary in maintaining the peace that we sole enjoy. Additionally, the private security industry as consistently assist national security in taking the lead in community policing – through the prevention/thwarting of crimes in our various communities. Our institution has also impacted the underprivileged/destitute Liberians enabling them to work and earn income for them and their families.

SEGAL has maintained the peace of our country by employing some ex-service men who were agitated and/or distressed for their benefits from national government. Because of the employment with our institution these groups of agitated ex-officers/ex-service personnel as totally reduced.

To the Executives of the Progressive Students Alliance of Liberia (PROSAL), we would like to appreciate you for the honor bestowed upon us as an institution – such that this did not come as a surprise but rather through merited efforts applied in this sector, it is important to note that we have received several awards from different spectrum of the society.

The uniqueness of this event is very significant to us such that it comes from various universities within the length and breadth of Liberia under a single umbrella named PROSAL. When these awards are presented to us it increases our appetites to innovate positively towards the development and standardization of the private security sector. In this public manner we would like to recommend few things to national government:

  • Research has indicated that there are one hundred and six-five/165 legitimate private security companies established and operating in the Republic which amount to 19% of the labor force of Liberia, we think this is extremely extra-ordinary and needs recognition
  • The private security plays a major role in the lives of the ordinary masses and as well as actively implementing the president’s pro-poor agenda. Therefore, we request on behalf of the private security companies a one/1 year tax break
  • That, government should set-up an executive arm to monitor private security institutions throughout the political landscape of our country, such that there are so much mush-room security institutions that cannot meet up with the standards/preference of being license as private security institution. That when instituted will assist government in regulating and monitoring the standards of the private security sector; befit the taste for our people and find an amicable environment for working procedures
  • Again, we would once more re-emphasize the collaboration and consultation of the Public, Private Partnership (PPP) that our institution has been unceasingly proffering to national government

Permit me to conclude on this note that the private security sector has played a significant role; has immensely contributed to the growth of our country’s economy and security. Hence, we would solicit foreign training by and through the negotiation of national government.


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  1. Konewa Manager says:

    Congratualtions to SEGAL for another honor.

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