New LISGIS Director General Honored

New LISGIS Director General Honored

By Frontier Staff Writer

On Friday, February 23, 2018, the Demography Students Association (DEMOSAUL) at the nation highest institution of learning, the University of Liberia, honored Professor Francis F. Wreh, new Director General for the Liberia Institute for Geo-Information Services (LISGIS).

The honor was a demonstration of the students’ overwhelming support for Hon. Wreh who is also a Professor in the Demography Department. The program brought together over two hundred fifty students from the Demography Students Association. Some Instructors and other colleagues from the University of Liberia attended the colorful honoring programme.

The students hailed Professor Wreh for his great achievement and ascendency as Director General of LISGIS. They lauded the President of the Republic of Liberia, His Excellency George M. Weah, for appointing Professor Wreh to the post. The students lamented that Professor Wreh is the most suited Liberian for the post and that his expertise, knowledge and practical experience will add value to LISGIS’s management and operation throughout Liberia.

In his response, Professor Wreh thanked the students for their recognition of his ascendency as Director General at LISGIS.  He promised to work with students at the Demography Department at the University of Liberia to help them achieve their dreams of becoming statisticians and positively contributing to Liberia’s development programmes. He noted that ‘in the field of Statistics, the government needs more experts to contribute to geo-information gathering’.

To achieve his vision and mission, the LISGIS boss said, ‘I will work with the University of Liberia authority to introduce a full flesh Statistics Program at the UL to allow Liberian students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor degree in Statistics’. This, according to him, ‘will enhance the students’ competitiveness in the sub-region’. He further noted that under his tenure as LISGIS boss, ‘students reading demography at the UL will be giving priority in key assignments during surveys to enhance their practical knowledge in the field of statistics’.

The LISGIS boss used the occasion to encourage the students to remain focus on their quest to gaining higher education. He asserted that ‘the importance of education cannot be over emphasized’. It can be recalled that during his confirmation, the LISGIS boss informed the Senate that he ‘will uphold the mandate of the Liberia Institute for Geo-Information Service as enshrined in the Statistics ACT of 2004.

The act establishes that LISGIS is the official arm of government of the Republic of Liberia to collect all official national statistics and data in the country; inform the government through systematic data gathering for evidence-based planning and decision making and priority setting; conduct a periodic ten year interval of census for the Republic; conduct periodic surveys as may be necessary for national development programming; carry out assessments to inform policy makers and partners alike for timely intervention in national development programmes; and carry out other activities within the domain of the institution.

Regarding these mandates, Hon. Wreh intimated to the Demography Students Association that LISGIS is ready to embark on the implementation of all its mandates by providing the needed geo-information as required by the Liberian Government and development partners.

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