Alarm Response Security Guard Service Expands Amidst UNMIL Drawdown

Alarm Response Security Guard Service Expands Amidst UNMIL Drawdown

Amidst the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Drawdown, many Liberians are concerned about the safety and security of the state, their personal lives and properties, and the overall security of the Mano River basin. As hope for the security future of the country dwindles amongst some Liberians, the Alarm Response Security Guard Service (ARSGS) increases security confidence by robustly expanding its services into five counties including Montserrado, Margibi, Grand Bassa, Nimba and Bong. According to the institution’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Marvin G.M. Gwion, ‘UNMIL’s departure should not worry Liberians and foreign residents’. He says ‘his company maintains cordial working relationship with other private security institutions and the national security apparatus to boost the country’s security.

The Alarm Response Security Guard Service is keeping surveillance on lives and properties, and business institutions including banks, petro stations and industrial sectors. Liaising with the national security sector, ARSGS’ men and women are equipped with Communication gadgets (handsets, mobile phones and whistles), vehicles and motorbikes, batons (PR 24), pepper sprays, handcuffs, rain gears and touch lights. When government permits, they are well trained and prepared to carry firearms.

This robust private security institution trains its personnel in several security courses. They include introduction to private security, crime prevention, terrorism awareness, counter terrorism, access and assets control, fire prevention, patrol methods and duties, report writing, inventory and stock management, and first aid. Major Perry Gbeyai, ARSGS’ Training Commandant and Human Resource Manager, asserts that ‘excellent and professional training is the lynchpin of the success and excellent performance of his institution’. He believes that ARSGS ‘is amongst the best private security companies in the country’. Major Gbeyai therefore ‘woos the public and private sector as well as individuals to utilize the services and capabilities of his company’.

Prepared to provide quality and affordable protective service to all customers (homes, companies, government offices, non-governmental institutions, international organizations, industries, plantations, banks, hotels, guest houses, et al.), the ARSGS is a 100 percent Liberian owned company founded on 20 August 2011.

Presently housed at the Ceasar’s Building at the intersection of Carey and Johnson Streets. Col. Demetrius F. Sobou, Deputy Operations Manager, ensures the unhindered operational services of the institution. He agrees with his CEO that ‘the departure of UNMIL provides an opportunity for security professionals both in the private and public sectors to showcase their skills and talents in enhancing the country’s security, peace and stability’. He opines that ‘both national and private security personnel in the country need to bear firearms that must be duly registered and monitored under a responsible security regime to allow them fight against armed criminals’.

The Alarm Security Guard Services has excellent, well equipped and highly trained managers, inspectors and guards.  Sgt. Spencer L. Diawon, Senior Inspector, assures the public that his men and women are ‘ready to defend life and properties, protect the national interest of Liberia, and expand to counties in which ARSGS currently has no presence’. This promised expansion is contingent on contractual commitments from individuals and institutions operating in those counties not yet covered by the ARSGS.

For his part, the General Manager of the ARSGS, Mr. Benedict L. Gbomena maintains that ‘private security institutions are the bastion of hope for sustainable peace and development in Liberia’. According to him, ‘private security companies in the country need to effectively manage their internal affairs, pay their guards well and strategically equip them based on international standards’. He also anticipates that ‘government will allow private security guards to bear firearms so that armed criminals do not take the country hostage’.

For responsive, effective and efficient private security services, the ARSGS remains your best partner.

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