CDC Digging Its Own Grave? Dr. Tenny Forewarns…

CDC Digging Its Own Grave? Dr. Tenny Forewarns…

It is a little over one month since President George Manneh Weah assumed the Presidency of Liberia under a CDC-led government. He began nominating and appointing those considered to be trusted agents to help him run his government. However, there are strong criticisms that some of those nominated and appointed to positions of trust are inexperienced and incompetent. Others argue that nepotism is back and that some corrupt former government officials are dominating the Weah’s Administration. The latest attack on President Weah’s missteps comes from Dr. Lester Tenny, an insider, an executive, and a stalwart of the CDC.

“The Pro-poor agenda was never about experimenting with kids with no experience … [nor was it about] those whose records in this country are sordid and filthy with the odor of corruption’, Dr. Tenny claimed. On his Facebook page, Dr. Tenny wrote:

“I cannot be a spectator to what is unfolding in this govt. I traded my integrity and accepted insults, even from those I mentor in the classrooms. I argued that George Weah would deliver on the party manifesto. When the agenda compass began to shift gradually, within 6 years, it will deviate from its course. The intellectual class won’t spare me if anything should go wrong. Hence, I must speak now.”

Asserting further, Dr. Tenny wrote:

“We are no longer an opposition political party. We are a govt now. The Pro-poor agenda was never about experimenting with kids with no experience and including those whose records in this country are sordid and filthy with the odor of corruption. It was never an agenda to recruit family members and friends who share no vision nor possess the slightest inclination of running a bedroom before given serious responsibilities to manage the state. If we chose to assist families and friends, it should and must never be at the embarrassment of the President.”

He continued, “The office of the president cannot be brought to public disrepute. Let’s not forget the battle we fought with those who libel [sic] the president as inept and incompetent. Those who said those things are still around preparing their brutal admonitions [sic] to launch an attack. This time, such attack will be evidence based. Our vision was never to make George Weah president and stop there. The movement CDC mustn’t begin and end with Weah. It should go way beyond his reign. But how can this happen when the compass that supposed to guide our agenda keep prematurely shifting?”

He further asked, “Why would we choose to ruin the generation that supposed [sic] to replace us while at the same time embarrass the intellectual class that defended the party by experimenting with kids? How do we justify the inclusion of college drop-outs and non-degree holders to positions of public trust? What is the empirical reliance of our decisions? The society is sensitive and we shouldn’t deceive ourselves. The opposition will feast on our ignorance soon. Then the worst part is to abandon some of the gallant men who are competent and experienced out of the arrangement simply because they refused to run to some venue where jobs are negotiated.”

“This is a contradiction,” Dr. Tenny further asserted. “We said Ellen Sirleaf was nepotistic. We said Ellen was corrupt, yet we copulate with corruption daily. We dance with wolves and think they are sheep. Someone told me it is still too early. I wonder when do we talk? When it’s too late? Mr. President, we are digging our own hole to failure. We need to reflect on where we all came from. Poverty looks in our faces each day as we walk the interiors of our hinterland.”

He continued, “Our people are desperately poor and yearn for better life. How do we do such when even the interior ministry is occupied by kids with no tribal lineage. How do some of those we appointed discussed with town chiefs and traditional leaders when they don’t understand the language of the Zoe’s. What is the justification of such mistake? Yet we shouldn’t pretend to ourselves that we are pro-poor! This is a travesty and an illusion. It is a radical departure of the reality. Our echoes in shambles, Minister Tweh is a smart fellow. Yet his work will be difficult if technicians aren’t brought to assist him. His efforts will yield nothing if his principle deputy doesn’t understand the fundamentals of economics nor administration. This too is a travesty and a contradiction.

Personally, I saw this coming long ago when I said I love the classroom. My training as an economist was never to mix with incompetent people pretending to know. We still got the chance to revisit our attitudes and behavior. We are surely headed for doom if we don’t act now. We cannot continue the path of seeking assistance when we got the ability to mobilize domestic revenue. Have the proper technicians in place and see if this won’t happen. We have people with maximum knowledge in the party, yet we pretend that the party suffers skill drought. The President won’t know everyone, it is our duty to him and country to assist and change the narratives.

Don’t worry about Dr. Lester Tenny. I have played my part and will continue to help Manneh. But help only comes when it is requested. I will never leave nor abandon my CDC. President Weah will soon know what is up. I will force us to do the right thing. You all can take that to the bank. Lester Tenny is a fighter and I will fight to make my President succeed, even if he doesn’t. We signed a bond together. This is just the introduction to my presence. The struggle will end!!!”

It can be recalled that in our 20 February edition, we reported that nepotism is on the rise in the Weah’s Administration. For instance, the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Hon. Nathaniel McGill, is said to have directly influenced the appointment of his wife or sister, Mrs. Rebecca Biao McGill, as Deputy Minister for Administration, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.

Mr. McGill, according to our sources within the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) masterminded the appointment of his ‘girlfriend’, Ms. Princess K. Turkorlon (aka Grace Roberts), as Assistant Minister for Tourism at the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism. Credible sources confirmed that Ms. Roberts was a waitress at the Palm Spring Hotel, where she wooed Minister McGill into a loving affair, which has now catapulted her into officialdom at the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism.

We also reported that the Vice President, Hon. Jewel Howard Taylor, has come under strong attacks for influencing the appointments of her sister, in-laws, and other relatives, and that the CDC-led government is predominantly appointing Southeasterners.

On the question of former corrupt officials, we reported in our 13th February edition that President Weah is appointing corrupt former government officials including Mr. Elias B. Shoniyin, now Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs whose hands were caught in the cookies’ jar when he and Augustine Nyenplu stole $227,140.65 US from the Japanese Grant Project for Human Resource Development under the Department of International Cooperation and Economic Integration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We equally reported that some of those appointed are high school drop-outs and college students or college drop-outs; hence they should not have been nominated by the President to hold key positions in the government. Such officials must be staff in offices to be mentored and trained for future leadership.

With such a dissention and revelations from within, we believe that the writing is on the wall. President Weah must either listen now and change gear by doing the right thing, or betray the struggle. FOR NOW, HISTORY REMAINS THE BEST JUDGE, AND IN THE CAUSE OF THE PEOPLE, THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES.

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