Stop Illicit Mining in Mano River Congo

Stop Illicit Mining in Mano River Congo

The African Youth Peer Review Committee (AYPRC) has raised concerns about ongoing ‘illicit mining activities by unscrupulous and criminal minded individuals’ in the artisanal community of Mano River Congo and its surrounding, Grand Cape Mount County. The youth group says the illicit mining is at the disadvantage of majority members of these affected communities. Affected communities are planning to demonstrate against the illicit mining.

AYPRC therefore calls on government to stop all Class “C” mining companies operating in the area so that the illicit mining issues can be addressed before resumption of their mining activities. The group calls on youth and members of the affected communities to call off their planned demonstration against the companies until the new management at the Ministry of Lands Mines and Energy can intervene.

According to the Coordinator of the youth group, Mr. Jeddlee Stephen Kinnii, Grand Cape Mount County ‘overwhelmingly voted for President George M. Weah; hence the citizens should seek redress to their grievances through the competent government authorities rather than engaging in demonstration to stop the illicit mining’.

Mr. Kinnii also calls on the mining companies in the area to be people sensitive. It can be recalled that three persons (Mr. Samuel Sannoh, a six years old student, Mr. Mohammed Kargbo, 22 years old, and Mr. Samuel Duckly) unknowingly dropped in the deep hole at one of the mining sites, but the mining companies did nothing to treat them.

Meanwhile, AYPRC has sent a technical committee to do consultation with the affected communities to find a remedy to the situation of illicit mining that is being opposed by communities in the area.  African Youth Peer Review Committee is a regional civil Society organization working on mining operations issues in the Mano River Union Region.

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