Supreme Court Lines up 17 of 246 Cases for Argument

Supreme Court Lines up 17 of 246 Cases for Argument

By Ballah M. Kollie

MONROVIA, March 24, – The Supreme Court of Liberia has lined up 17 cases for hearing on Tuesday and Wednesday March 27 & 28 respectively.

Included in the 17 are two post election cases involving representative candidates Garrison Yealue verses the National Elections Commission and Co-Appellee (Defendant) Gonpue L. Kargon of District #4Nimba County while the other involves representative candidate Susannah Lorpu Mator verses the NEC and Co-Appellee (Defendant) Robert Flomo Womba.

The two constitute the only post election cases are before the high court on appeal and are expected to be concluded soonest as the court attaches priority to election matters.

It can be recalled that on March 12, at the opening for the March term of the Supreme Court on, Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor revealed the existence of 246 cases on the its docket; 14 of which he said were on the Motion Calendar.

Other cases to be argued on Tuesday beginning 10 in the morning include a motion to dismiss an appeal in the cases involving Siafa Kamara and Crossroad Enterprise of the City of Monrovia, the other is a Motion to Dismiss an appeal filed by Johnetta Davies-Cisco against the appeal of Willie Bernard all of the City of Monrovia.

Of the 17 cases, nine will be argued on Tuesday while the remaining eight are slated for Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

While the lineup of argument in 17 cases mighty be bulky and seems nearly impossible, the high court’s decision is in no doubt in consonant with a recent plea made by Justice Korkpor when he urged all counselors of the court’s bar to put in early request for the assignment of their case or cases.

At the same time the First Judicial Circuit Court Assizes “A” say it is prosecuting 39 cases for the February term of court.

Among the cases are 12 murder cases, three cases of Criminal Attempt to commit murder, 12 Aggravated Assault and two Criminal Trepass case.

Others include four Manslaughter cases, a Negligent Homicide, a Human Trafficking and a Kidnapping case


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