LWSC Chief Evades Senate Confirmation: Illegally Takes Office

LWSC Chief Evades Senate Confirmation: Illegally Takes Office

Two weeks ago, Mr. Moseray Momoh took over the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) as Acting Managing Director in violation of the Act creating the LWSC.  Mr. Momoh was recently nominated by President George Weah as Deputy Managing Director for Administration for the entity.

Section 88.8 of the new Act of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation passed by the National Legislature of Liberia, signed by the President and published into hand bills on 28 December 2017 states that ‘the Corporation shall have four principal Deputy Managing Directors: The Deputy Managing Director for Administration, The Deputy Managing Director for Technical Services, the Deputy Managing Director for Sales and Marketing, and the Deputy Managing Director for Finance’.

The Section, under Appointments, further states that ‘all Deputy Managing Directors shall be appointed by the President with the consent of the Senate, upon recommendations of the Board of Directors. The Deputy Managing Directors shall receive such salary as shall be established by the Board’.

Up to date, President Weah has not set up the full Board of Directors of LWSC; hence it is unclear how Mr. Momoh was nominated and subsequently inducted into office two weeks ago without the Senate’s consent as required by the Act that created the LWSC.  The Senate, for its part, appears to be a toothless bull dog. How can the Senate Pro-Temp and his colleagues sit idly and allow a public official that must be confirmed by that august body officially take seat, sign official documents and receive salary and benefits from tax payers’ money without confirmation by the Senate?

According to a constitutional analyst interviewed by the Frontier, ‘the Legislature simply passes laws just for the sake of passing them and taking their thousands of dollars paychecks and brown envelops’. According him, ‘most of the lawmakers do not even understand their oversight responsibility, and are therefore to blame for some of the mess we now see in the operation of government’.

‘The current manner and form in which the Liberian government is being run appears to be a child’s play’ he concluded. Frontier recalls that several entities whose Boards are to be set up by the President have not been constituted. The Senate for its part has become a dumping ground where unqualified nominations have been made, yet the body confirmed almost all those designated by the President despite their incapability. It is unfathomable to see a mere Deputy Managing Director of LWSC evade the Senate’s constitutional power without any action by the Liberian Senate that Liberians depend on to adequately vet presidential nominees prior to confirmation.

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