Sex Robots Are Being Made to Replace Men and Women By 2025

Sex Robots Are Being Made to Replace Men and Women By 2025

Right now, we are all living in what may be the most sexually progressive era in all human history. The preferences and rights of all people are in open discussion in most developed countries around the world, but will the next big debate be over the idea of sex robots? Sex dolls already exist, and are in use, around the world. However, as they venture more and more towards artificially intelligent life and become more prevalent in society many people are questioning if this is a path human sexuality needs to go down.

Sex Dolls Are a Thing, Whether You Like It or Not

Although the jury is still out on sex robots, sex dolls are already quite the thing. These less advanced sex toys have been on the market for decades and can come in many different forms from jokey inflatable sex dolls often seen on TV or at bachelor parties too expensive life sized human shaped plastic dolls.

Promoting Sexual Freedom

One of the biggest arguments for sex robots is that they could promote sexual freedom. As a non-human sex object, it would be easier to sexually experiment with a sex robot because they would not have the same opinions or hold ups as a real person so the human engaging in sex with one of these robots would have more freedom to experiment.

Are They Degrading to Women?

Of course, there are a lot of people who have objections to the idea of sex robots. One of the main questions brought up is the mere idea of a sex robot degrading to women? The people asking this question are usually doing so because of a belief that the rise of sex dolls and robots contributes to an idea that women are merely sex objects.

Possibly Promoting Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Another objection to sex dolls is that they create unrealistic unattainable physical standards that real women cannot live up to. Most sex dolls look like the one pictured here with an impossibly tiny waist and large breasts, and the assumption is that when they hit the market sex robots will probably look the same.

These Critics Are Assuming Heteronormativity

Although the current market is very female sex doll dominated it is not fair to assume that the sex robot market will be the same. The higher advancement of these robotic sex dolls will make the sex more lifelike which may make it possible that women change their mind and start to partake in purchasing them as well.

Will Male Sex Robots Be a Thing?

It is hard to predict if male sex robots will be a large market or not. Male sex dolls do exist, like the one in this picture, but they are vastly less popular than female sex dolls. Many people this this is because women value emotional intimacy more than men oftentimes and the sex dolls are lifeless and cannot provide that.

Real Doll Sex Toys

Right now, the current front edge of the sex doll market is led by a company called Real Doll. These dolls were invented by Matt McMullen and are made just outside of San Diego, California. They boast to be the first dolls with a completely accurate full human skeleton, and are made entirely of silicone.

Cost Prohibitive May Rule the Real Doll Out

This may sound pretty good, but the price tag for such a high functioning sex doll is no joke. The minimum you can get a Real Doll for is $5,000 which, for an inanimate object, seems steep. If you are still interested in purchasing one you may be happy to know that there are male and transsexual dolls available as well.

What Does a Sex Doll Factory Look Like?

Sex dolls, like most other toys, are made in a factory. This image shows the inside of the Real Doll factory in San Marcos, California. Most of the dolls coming out of this factory are purchased domestically, sometimes for reasons other than sex such as forensics and photography because of how realistic they are.

Do They Really Replace Human Interaction?

When asked if he thinks his dolls or future sex robots will ever actually replace human to human sex, McMullen was rather skeptical saying that it is a supplement rather than a substitute. However, he does say that there are people who either can’t or won’t have a real human relationship and those are the people he expects to keep buying sex dolls.

Predicted to Be Mainstream By 2050

Some people disagree with McMullen’s skepticism of sex robots. Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson is one of those people. Pearson believes that the reason sex dolls are not more popular now is because they are just not mainstream yet but he believes sex robot sex will overtake human sex in popularity by 2050.

There Is an Anti Sex Robot Campaign

Not surprisingly there is a campaign to stop the rise of robot sex from happening. Like with any major change in sexual experimentation there are people who really, really do not want to see this change become mainstream. Some people think this is over reacting but these naysayers might have a point.

Why People Are Concerned

Dr. Kathleen Richardson is a prominent U.S. based robot ethicist, and one of the people speaking out against sex robots. In her own words this is because “We think that the creation of such robots will contribute to detrimental relationships between men and women, adults and children, men and men and women and women.”

Right Now, The Debate Status Stands Undeclared

The possible rise of sex robots is starting to get more and more coverage in both the scientific/AI community and the general media. As robotics develop the question of the ethics behind sex dolls becomes a more and more pressing question, but for right now it is still a debate because no AI sex robots have been created… yet.

Only Time Will Tell

Like with most large-scale debates only time will tell what the right answer is. These sex robots will almost certainly exist, and probably within the next 10 years, but it will not be until years after their creation that we can tell what their impact on human interaction will be. Until then all people can do is continue to test and debate.





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