First Lady Feeds Zogos: Excludes Hungry Families

First Lady Feeds Zogos: Excludes Hungry Families


The first Lady of the Republic of Liberia, Madam Clar Weah, has been visiting many communities of drugs dealers and users in and around Montserrado in the name of practically reducing and hunger. Madam Weah has been distributing some food items including rice, oil, biscuits, etc.

In Duazon, District#1, Margibi County, the first Lady was seen dividing food to only ‘Zogos’ who are constantly stealing from and harassing innocent persons in the Duazon community area and other parts of the country at night after taking in drugs. Madam Weah also went to a criminal strong hold in thinkers’ village where thousands of the criminals were given gifts. Frustratingly, other vulnerable, poor and hungry children, elders and youths who made their way to grab a share of the free food were prevented by the body guards of the first Lady.

It is becoming clear that the CDC-led administration through the first Lady strongly supports the reckless behaviors of criminals commonly known as “ZOGOS” against the ordinary people. Exclusively feeding criminals while leaving out other poor and hungry families compromises the essence of the humanitarian support to which the national government has committed the resources of the state under the auspices of the First Lady.

Some Political activists believe that the latest action taken by Madam Weah could further undermine police’s operation to rid communities of criminals. The feeding of criminals in communities seems to place them over ordinary citizens who are equally hungry and stand in need of charity. ‘Leaving these needy and vulnerable citizens out of food distribution is quite frustrating’, says one of the leaders in Duazon.

Some critics of the first lady strongly argue that the distribution of food items to “ZOGOS’ is intended to justify the five hundred thousand United States Dollars (500,000.US) given her through the government of Liberia to engage in humanitarian works under the CDC led government.

It can be recalled that during the recasting of the national budget for 2017/2018 the sum of five hundred thousand United States Dollars was allotted to the First Lady’s office. This was the same amount allocated to the John F. Kennedy Hospital. Many persons wonder how the country’s biggest referral hospital and the First Lady’s office would have equal amounts of allotment in the recast national budget.

The JFK Memorial hospital has the capacity of over five hundred beds to house patients, but less than one hundred of the beds are currently operational. If much is not done to bring the hospital to its pre-war status, poor Liberians will continue to die from curable diseases while the rich will always fly out of the country to seek medical check treatment abroad.

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