Drugs Shortage at Barreken Clinic: -Health officer calls for help

Drugs Shortage at Barreken Clinic: -Health officer calls for help

 By Agnes M. Tarr

The Barreken clinic located in Maryland County is experiencing an increasing rate of drug shortages, which have caused numerous difficulties for clinicians, health care facilities, and patients. Drug shortages in the rural areas are caused by many factors, including difficulties in purchasing the materials, bad road condition in getting to the clinic, regulatory issues, and business decisions.

‘These issues poorly affect patient care by causing substitution of safe and effective healings with unusual treatments thereby compromising or delaying medical actions; or causing medication errors’, the Barreken health officer says.

The officer in charge of Barreken Clinic located in Maryland County, Madam Mama Ngaina, is calling on the Ministry of Health and other relevant organization for its timely communication to effectively handle drug shortages that the clinic is currently undergoing. Speaking in an interview with reporters on Tuesday May 1, 2018 in the county, madam Ngaina, named malaria as the most reported case in the county health center daily.

According to her, malaria is about 55% of the reported case load at the Barreken clinic in the county. “Most time we do health talks for patients to be informed about malaria reaction, but with all our efforts, some of them refused to go by our advice” she explained.

Also speaking to some residents of the Barreken community about the situation at the clinic, they lauded the health workers for their level of hard work, and alluded to the shortage of medications at the clinic. The residents joined the medical Officer’s request for the government to quickly intervene by urgently sending medical supplies to the medical facilities in Maryland County.

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