Education Ministry Launches Getting to Best (G2B)

Remarks by Alton V. Kesselly

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of Prof.D. Ansu Sonii, the Minister of Education and the entire Ministry of Education, I am greatly delighted to welcome you all to this monumental occasion, the launching of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Getting to Best (G2B) in Education project, which seeks to improve the quality and access to early childhood education, support teacher training and certification, improve school management, accountability and system monitoring and achieve better learning through improved equity, efficiency and accountability in six targeted counties in Liberia.

I salute each and every one of you for honoring this invitation. Your presence here is a testimony of your commitment to supporting the provision of quality education for all our people.

I can still vividly recall, in the early 2000s, getting on the ill-fated NV Alnar , a worn out fishing boat, to run away from Liberia. I was not fleeing our seemingly never ending civil war. For, I have already lived most of the war and strangely was used to it. Moreover, I have never fear dying. For, in the words of Julius Caesar ” death, a necessary end, will come when it will come. ” What I was running from was facing the future unprepared. I was seeking the quality of education I needed in order to fulfill my potential and be prepared to face the unpredictable future with confidence. Nobody has to embark on a perilous journey for the acquisition of quality education.

I am grateful to his Excellency President Weah for giving me this opportunity to be part of making sure that our children and young ones are no longer let down by Liberia’s education system. Our people can go abroad for studies and parents can send their children to private schools because it is their right to do so. They shouldn’t be doing so because our public education is a failure.

The Global Partnership for Education(GPE) Getting to Best(G2B) in Education project is one of the several interventions that we, the CDC led government, along with our partners and donors will be embarking on. We are certain these interventions will go a long way in providing the quality of education our people deserve.

I am more than excited about the launching of this project that seeks to address the herculean challenges confronting our education sector. The education sector in Liberia is challenged by limited access to quality early childhood education, unavailability of sufficient quality and professional teachers at all levels, poor leadership in school management and gross inequality in the provision of educational opportunities to the population.

This is precisely the reason why the GPE Getting to Best in Education Project was conceived. Mr. David Baysah, the project coordinator, will speak more on this later. All I want to say is that it is very dear to my heart.

Once again, thank you for coming and warm welcome to all of you.

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