-A Commentary by Dweh Wilson

WHAT GIVES CITIZENS HOPE is, when pronouncements are made especially from an elected President, that in their view become the working tools that benefit them as a people. That could also add to the popularity of that president and his government. Historically in Africa, there are many presidents who are noted of using rhetoric to make their way through. There are others who also just want to be recorded by historians for future references.

But what matters most is to implement Campaign promises and responsibly conduct yourself in the best interest of your citizens and international partners aimed at promoting development that could in return better the lives of the ordinary persons.  

OUR PRESIDENT, HIS EXCELLENCY GEORGE WEAH, needs to understand that almost ninety eight percent of Liberia’s population represents the poorest amongst the poor in Liberia. Therefore, it is important that his recent pronouncement of reducing gasoline price needs to be revisited as transportation fare remains the same. Commercial drivers are challenging the authority of government by getting in face fight with riders.

THIS PRESENT RULING ESTABLISHMENT was given the chance to lead so as to strengthen our economic policy which many believe keep Liberians backward in terms of social, political and economic developments. The economic adviser to our President if any, needs to do a comparative analysis between Liberia and some West African countries around us. It is impossible to reduce the exchange rate of United States Dollar while prices of commodities remain the same.

LET IT BE KNOWN THAT THIS GOVERNMENT is not for a special political party or group. It is important to note that when prices of our major commodities are reduced by this President (George Weah), all Liberians and even foreigners will be given the opportunities to enjoy the freedom of purchasing at a low price.

WHAT IS PRESENTLY INTERESTING is that everyone determines his/her own price of goods on the Liberian market. Some political thinkers observe that this government may have the political-will to perform, but lacks the ability to implement. HOWEVER, I AM OF THE OPINION THAT our President will only succeed provided that he forgets about the many gossips from his so-called followers and uphold the dignity and best interest of our Mother’s land.   

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