Govt. to Increase Awareness on human trafficking

By Kelvin Arthurs

Labour Minister Moses Kollie assured Liberians that government will create awareness for human trafficking in Liberia. Minister Kollie stated the awareness will prevent the trafficking of persons in or out of the country.

The Labour Boss made the statement recently when Liberia joined other nations of the world to celebrate the world Day against trafficking in persons held at the Monrovia City Hall. According to him, the celebration is held under the theme “responding to the trafficking of children and young people “.

The Minister said in order to raise awareness and increase prevention of trafficking in persons, messages will be formulated for radio and television to educate the people about human trafficking across the nation.

“we need to maximize the usage of jingles, talk shows, fliers, bumpers, billboard and t-shirts to re-enforce the messages  of the danger of human trafficking  within the length and breadth of Liberia.” Minister Kollie added.

According to him, the United States Department Global Assessment of trafficking in persons confirmed that Liberia faces  a challenge in human trafficking in various  forms,  such as sex trafficking of girls and women, and forced labour of children in diamond  and gold mines. He stressed that trafficking takes place also in the agriculture sector, street vending and in homes as involuntary domestic servants.

He noted that the report further noted that Liberia  is currently  at Tier-2 watch list  in the 2017/2018 state department’s report. Minister Kollie maintained that  Liberian Government has also amended the penal law regarding extortion, environmental crime, trafficking in human beings and illicit migrant smuggling thereby re-enforcing the legal framework responsible for dealing  with these inter-related international  organized crimes.

He  asserted that responding  to this situation  and recognizing  the significance of putting in place  the requisite legal framework  to deal with matters of human trafficking in Liberia, the National  Transitional  Government  of Liberia (NTGL) in 2005 passed  an act  that banned and criminalized  all forms  of human trafficking in Liberia.

He said Liberia emerging from a devastating fourteen years of civil crisis, complemented by the gradual restoration of the rule of law, human trafficking amongst organized crimes has become a major post-conflict national security challenge.

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