President Weah Blunders Again

An Attorney-at-Law, Atty. N. Paul Hinneh has condemned the appointment of Mayor Jefferson Korjee as Chairman of the City Council of Monrovia.  He says, “it is repugnant to the separation of power provision of the Constitution and against the spirit of the Act of 1973 which created the Monrovia City Government and therefore illegal”.

Atty. Hinneh argues that “like our National Government, the City Government has three separate, distinct and coordinate branches-the Mayor, who represents the Executive, the Common Council or City Council representing the Legislative Branch and the City Court representing the Judicial Branch. For the purpose of enacting city ordinances (lawmaking), the City Council has the legislative power, the Mayor has the executing power and the City Court has the Judicial or interpretational power”.

He asserts that “appointing Mayor Korjee as Chairman of the Council is like President Weah assuming the role of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, a course which is not only against Article 3 of the Constitution of Liberia of 1986 but also defeats the intent and spirit of separation of power”.

Providing instances, the Atty. Argues that ‘this is the reason why during the Mayorship of Madam Ophelia Holf Saytumah or thereabout, former President Sirleaf constituted a city council which comprised of Cllr. David A. B. Jallah, then Dean of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law as Chairman, Cllr. Henry Reed Cooper, then President of the Liberia Chambers of Commerce as member, Mr. Blama Gaye, Head of the Governor Association of Montserrado County, member, Mr. Samuel Mitchel, President of Liberia Business Association, member, Madam Nyenekon Beauty Snoh Barcon, Sup for Montserrado, Member, Mrs. Nyemale Gibson, Krystal View Hotel, Member, Mr. William Findley, MINTA Corporation, member, Mrs. Massa Cousli, LMA, member, Mrs. Mariama Z. Brown, Head Concern Christian Community, member, Mr. Abel Voker, Student, IBB, UL member and Mr. Philip Wesseh, of the Inquirer News Paper, member’.

According to him “the MCC also recognizes this principle of separation of power as evidenced by the following culled from its official website: “The corporate status of the City of Monrovia (MCC) as it is now was established by an act of the National Legislature in 1973 creating the City Government comprising of The Mayor, who represents the Executive, The Common Council representing the Legislative Branch and the City Court representing the Judicial Branch.”

Although the damage has been done, Atty. Hinneh believes that “it is not too late for the reversal of the decision, our President is a busy man and his advisors need to be on top of their game’.

This is not the first time President has made mistake by making wrong appointments. It can be recalled that the President wrongly appointed Mr. Moses Browne to replace Atty. Isaac Jackson who represents Liberia at the IOM in Europe; but the appointment was challenged by Mr. Jackson. The Supreme Court has placed an injunction on the appointment.

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