Cuba Awards Liberia Two Medical Studies Scholarships

The Government of Cuba has awarded two medical studies scholarships to the Republic of Liberia. The ceremony too place at the Cuban Embassy near Monrovia at the time Cubans and many people around the world commemorated the 92nd anniversary of the birth of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz. The two Liberians that obtained the scholarships are JACKIE KING and BREAKTHROUGH PRAISE DIXON. The two students are high school graduates that are expected to undertake their studies for about seven years in Cuba.

During the ceremony, THE CUBAN CHARGÉ D´AFFAIRES, H.E YORDENIS DESPAIGNE VERA, commented as follows:

“Today, when Cuban and many people around the world commemorate the 92nd anniversary of the birth of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, we meet to attend the official award ceremony for medical studies scholarships in favor of JACKIE KING and BREAKTHROUGH PRAISE DIXON, who were selected by the government of Liberia as beneficiaries of this possibility of professional improvement.

As in other years, in 2018 the Cuban government granted 2 scholarships to the government of Liberia for free medical studies in Cuba, as part of the bilateral cooperation agreement signed between both nations that have already benefited dozens of young Liberians. JACKIE KING and BREAKTHROUGH PRAISE DIXON will soon join other 5 Liberians and more than 19 500 students from 110 countries who are currently studying this same university career in Cuba. More than 9,000 of those foreigner students are Africans.

We could not choose a better date to perform this act. Fidel Castro was the one who organized and directed the final phase of the war for the definitive liberation of Cuba, reached in January 1959 that transformed the Cuban reality forever. A reality that today shows achievements in multiple spheres of the social and economic life of the country comparable to those of the first world.

Thanks to Fidel we have the Cuba of today, the revolutionary Cuba, committed to just causes. A Cuba believes that a better world is possible. A Cuba that in the past thousands of its best children spilled their blood in the liberation struggles of several African nations. A Cuba that today contributes with modesty to the development of numerous third world countries through international solidarity work.

Fidel was precisely the main promoter of the policy of Cuban international solidarity with the needy peoples of the world, in particular with the African peoples. And it was precisely one African nation: Algeria, the first country where a Cuban Medical Brigade worked permanently in 1962. Since then more than 325 000 Cuban health professionals have worked in 158 countries.

Fidel was also the creator and founder of the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) in 1999 where until today more than 28 500 young people from 103 countries have graduated in medical specialties.

The ELAM project is part of the Comprehensive Health Program (PIS), with which Cuba jointly extends medical collaboration to several countries, and is a sample of what a nation that is poor in economic resources but rich in human capital and with the necessary political will can do to help other peoples. It is the result of the thought and political will of Fidel Castro, the architect of this project. The institution educates free of charge in medical sciences young humble people in Latin America, Africa and the United States, who after a period of six years, will return to their communities to contribute to the sustainability of their health systems. It is the only school of its kind in the world to train doctors from other countries completely free of charge.

All this, despite the effects caused by the cruel and unjust blockade imposed by the United States to our country, which lasts more than 50 years and still constitutes the main obstacle to the full development of Cuba and for the increase of Cuban solidarity aid to other nations.

For these reasons, this act of granting scholarships is at the same time a way of honoring and pays tribute to the man who, with his work and revolutionary thought, made it possible for young foreigners today to fulfill their aspirations to be university graduates. It is about the possibility that Cuba offers young foreigners with few economic resources to fulfill a dream that would be extremely expensive to reach in their respective countries, with the only condition that when they finish their studies they return to their countries to contribute to the development of their peoples.

That said, now the 2 benefited young Liberians will proceed to the signing of the ballot that accredits them as beneficiaries with the medical study scholarships granted by the Cuban government this year, as well as the Code of Ethics of Foreign Students in Cuba.

Thank you very much everyone for being present at this important moment for the bilateral relations between Cuba and Liberia, expression of the commitment and the will of my country to continue supporting the development of the Liberian health sector.”

In response to the Embassy’s remarks, both the scholarship recipients and their parents thanked the Government and people of Cuba. They promised to truly represent the people of Liberia. It is hoped that these students will truly represent Liberia by fulfilling the aims and objectives of the scholarship that is intended to enhance health services delivery in the Republic of Liberia.

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