SEGAL Breaks Record as Liberia Private Security Highest Donor


In a real sense private security institutions are normally established to help protect lives and properties at all levels. While others see it as making profit only, Mr Momo T. Cyrus, head of SEGAL and his hard working partner Mr. Lionel Keller II have been doing exceptionally well by giving back to the people. From grassroot to brighter days, Mr. Momo T. Cyrus and his partner have been seen donating to institutions without favor. They believe it is the social responsibility of any meaningful entity to give back to the people that were by your side to see you succeed. SEGAL contribution to the people indicates how further they could go when it comes to humanity.

SEGAL has done many donations around the country and has even aided Sierra Leone when that country was faced with Mudslide saga.
SEGAL Donation of US$10K to the Momo T. Cyrus Program of Criminal Justice as Financial Aid to the Free Pentecostal Collage in Vionjima Lofa County.
The college is one of the oldest in Viojama Lofa County. The college opened the Momo T. Cyrus program of Criminal Justice to train more Liberians to earn a degree in Criminal Justice to provide more job opportunities for citizens of that county and Liberia. This a clear indication that Mr Momo T. Cyrus is making greater impact in the lives of Liberians.. This department is now operative and the Frontier believes that if others are following the same, the Liberia government would have lesser burden.
Donation of Tools, Sanitary Materials to PCC.
In the passion to help Liberia government achieving its goal, the Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) donated a consignment of cleaning tools and sanitary materials worth over US$5,000 to the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) in the previous administration.

Shovels, wheelbarrows, garbage bins, rain coats, hand gloves, chlorine and sanitizers, among others were donated.
According to one of SEGAL Executives Gbawu Woiwor, the donation was to encourage PCC management in improving sanitation conditions in Paynesville.

City Mayor Cyvette Gibson at that time thanked SEGAL for the donation.
“As a good will private Security Firm you found it necessary to contribute towards citizens that others can’t never think about.

The Waste and Sanitation Department plays an important role in keeping our community clean. These tools will be used to clean the city,” she said.

This donation was done during the post EBOLA Era and there was a serious need for such assistance.
SEGAL General Manager Mr. Momo T. Cyrus has been donating to private entities and government institutions without any interest of political ambition but to give back to the people as his part of contribution to Liberia.

SEGAL is providing security protection to banking institutions, non-governmental organizations, (NGOs) and companies in Paynesville and other part of Liberia, His donation does not have limit but will continue where he sees the need. His intend is for the citizens of Liberia to recognize that SEGAL cares for them in as much as they are in supportive and prioritized security for the Liberian people and other international citizens.
Donation of US$21K Surveillance Equipment to Foreign Ministry
To prove that the team of Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL), a donation over US$21,000 worth of surveillance equipment, including an assortment of vital security gadgets and several pieces of closed-circuit television (CCTV)including Biometric devices to the Bureau of Passport and Visas at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Monrovia.

These equipment were installed and SEGAL render free maintenance service through their IT section that also provide quality IT services to the public..

SEGAL chief executive officer (CEO) and general manager, Momo T. Cyrus and his technical partner, Lionel Keller, II, donated these equipment to the ministry because they expect the foreign ministry to be fully protected and keep surveillance of theft internally due to the importance of their job.

Mr. Cyrus has a vast experience in security and wants to offer his expertise through capacity building and providing his service in a meaningful way. He wants the private security sector to become the brand ambassadors to the sector and contribute to a vibrant security sector by collaborating with the government.
Closed-circuit television is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored and recorded primarily for surveillance and security purposes.
According to a Foreign Ministry release, Mr. Cyrus presented 16 Samsung CCTV cameras, one recorder for the cameras, 16 rolls of cable for the inter-connection of the cameras, four (4) electronic locks for biometric fingerprint access control, four (4) magnetic locks and four (4) pieces of power supply control.

Also included is a one-terabyte hard drive for storing the pieces of information that would be gathered by the cameras.
On May 25, 2018 – Security Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) made a cash donation of L$150,000.00 to the Liberia National Police (LNP).
He made this donation to help the LNP fight crimes in the country.

Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) donated some relief items to victims of Mudslide in Sierra Leone.

There supplies included food, blankets, towels, used cloths, and plastic slippers to the victims of the mudslide. The Chief Executive Officer of the Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL), Momo T. Cyrus, said he would establish the first private security firm in the West African sub-region in few years to come.

He made the disclosure during the program which marked SEGAL’s 9th annual staff awards ceremony and the turning over of the National Excellence Award to SEGAL family.
Mr. Momo T. Cyrus in our views is now working without borders. His plan to establish Liberia’s first private security entity in the West Africa sub-region will strengthen the country’s private security sector and show a distinction between the government and private security firms in the discharge of their duties to protect Liberia.

In his effort of all these development , SEGAL was awarded the ‘Innovative Security Institution of 2016’ by the National Excellence Awards (NEA), which Cyrus presented to his officers with high esteem.

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