We Appreciate SEGAL’s Vision and Goal

When people of goodwill struggle to get at the top of leadership, many things take place in the lives of the ordinary people who one way or the other constantly pray for positive change in the context of good living condition.

Few years back, thundered of private security institutions were established , but those institutions are no more today because most of them were established by people who could not manage their vision and goals.

But Mr. Momo T. Cyrus, CEO and General manager and his able partner Mr. Lionel Keller II of SEGAL have proven to Liberians and the world that, private security institutions around the world are respected provided those who established do not put personal interest over national interest.

SEGAL besides saving lives and properties around the country, is willing and prepared to support all agendas of the executive branch of government . SEGAL’s donations in these times cannot be over looked. They have gone beyond expectations.

Giving back to the people does not only mean handout. SEGAL has gone as far building the capacities of other agencies, individuals and higher institutions.

One good thing realized here is, SEGAL started on a very poor establishment. At some point in time in 2006 SEGAL almost collapsed due to limited contracts awarded to them but Mr. Momo T. Cyrus who had the vision always persevere to see that his dream comes through.

These are the kind of people Liberia need most. And this is our hope that others will follow suit.

We appreciate SEGAL’s vision and goal in giving back to the people and we say bravo!

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